The online application process for admissions into our 2019 session (June 23 to August 2, 2019) is now complete. Applications for admissions into our 2020 session will be accepted from November 2019 onwards. Keep a look out for this space!


Kautilya Council Scholarships

Institution-specific Scholarships

Country-specific Scholarships

The application process for our 2019 session is now complete. Stage I of our process closed on May 31, 2019 and Stage II closed on June 15, 2019. Please note that the ISS follows a rolling admissions policy and as such, you can expect a decision on your application (both for Stage I and Stage II) very soon after you have submitted it. With a very limited number of seats available and the high volume of applications that are usually received, it is advisable that applications are made as early as possible.

Our online application process comprises of two stages:

Stage I: Pre-application Applicants submit some preliminary details about themselves through a simple, online application form that may be accessed by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ link below (link removed on June 1, 2019, and will be re-added later this year for admissions into our 2020 session).

Stage II: Submission of Statement of Purpose & Requisite Documents Applicants who qualify for Stage II of the online application process will be required to submit a Statement of Purpose, a Letter of Recommendation & other documents, details of which would be provided by the ISS over email.