Volunteer Experience

A crucial part of the overall programme at the ISS is the opportunity for students to come face-to-face with some of the ground realities of India.  This is envisaged to take place through a volunteer experience for students.

At the end of the four-week academic session, students move off-campus as a part of their two-week Fieldwork experience.    During this period, the faculty at the ISS has jointly worked with Ritinjali (www.ritinjali.org) to structure a programme that provides students with the opportunity to volunteer with Ritinjali’s community development initiatives and at the same time, have this experience count towards their overall academic credits obtained from the ISS.

Ritinjali is an initiative that works for education, for providing opportunity, for providing learning as a means to awareness, such that learning may lead to an open window, an access to a better life. Its mission is to provide holistic education towards nurturing empowered, responsible citizens, capable of not only providing for themselves, but also of contributing actively to their local communities through enterprise, awareness and self-induced social responsibility.

For more information on its many initiatives, please proceed to the About>Ritinjali page or visit www.ritinjali.org.