Module Code: ISSNDFW005
Academic Credits: 4 units
Total Duration of Fieldwork: 45 hours

At the end of the four-week academic session, students move off-campus as part of their two-week Fieldwork experience. During this period, the faculty at the ISS has jointly worked with Ritinjali ( to structure a programme that provides students with the opportunity to volunteer with Ritinjali’s community development initiatives and at the same time, have this experience count towards their overall academic credits obtained from the ISS.

This Fieldwork module, therefore, is assessed in the form of research work and project submissions to be evaluated by the ISS. The module allows students to associate the knowledge obtained during the preceding four weeks with the realities they face as part of their volunteer experience.

Over the past few sessions of the ISS, the Fieldwork experience has primarily taken place in Jhalawar in the state of Rajasthan where the final two weeks of the programme are usually spent volunteering with Ritinjali’s educational initiatives.

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