Dates, Fees & Scholarships


Four-week academic session:
Sunday, June 23 to Friday, July 19, 2019

Two-week volunteer & service learning experience:
Saturday, July 20 to Friday, August 2, 2019

Program Fee

  1. Registration, Academic Facilitation & Administrative Fee
USD 475
  2. Tuition Fee (First four weeks)
(Course modules & experiences during the academic session)
USD 1,425
  3. Service Learning Fee (Final two weeks)
(Scheduled travel, Accommodation, & All Meals included)
USD 975
  4. Accommodation Fee (First four weeks)
(Daily breakfast and Lunch on weekdays included)
Option A: Twin-sharing, ensuite rooms
Option B: Triple-sharing, ensuite rooms
USD 1,375 USD 1,075
(Option A) (Option B)
USD 4,250 USD 3,950


Information on the methods for payment of the program fee will be provided to students who successfully clear the application process.


The Kautilya Council Scholarships (Partial)
The Kautilya Council Scholarships will be awarded to six individuals, three from overseas and another three from India, who have an exceptional academic record and have demonstrated the ability to understand & respect different cultures. These six individuals must be under 25 years of age and should ideally attend the entire six-week program.

These six Scholarships will cover the tuition fees for the four-week academic session only. The remaining amounts for accommodation during this four-week period as well as for the volunteer & service learning experience will have to be borne by the student or another sponsor. The recipients will be selected on the basis of applications received by the ISS through its regular online application process. The ISS will identify eligible students from the regular application process.

Institution-specific Scholarships (Various)
Scholarships specific to universities or institutions as part of our collaboration, arrangement and/or engagement with them are available. Check with us or with your university or institution to find out if such Scholarships exist.

Additional information about scholarships and admissions in general
Please note that due to the large volumes of applications that the ISS receives, it will be unable to provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Also, the ISS at its sole discretion and at any point in time reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the applications without assigning any reasons for the same. 

Externally funded scholarships
The ISS encourages students to approach external entities or funding agencies to finance their program fees and only asks that it is informed of this in advance. Individuals, institutions or organizations that wish to fund scholarships for ISS students are more than welcome to contact us.